The Brilliance of Dark DC Films: Past, Present & Future

Joker is now a juggernaut worldwide. Praised for its dark, disturbing and twisted take on the character, the film has taken a $55 million budget and flipped it into Avengers: Infinity War level profit. DC is at its best when it embraces its dark side. DC’s track record for darker storytelling has been a defining point of their…

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The Perfect Match: Horror Directors and Comic Book Movies

There’s always a lot of talk when directors make the crossover from one genre to another. It brings up questions such as ‘Will this work?’ and ‘Can so-and-so really direct a big budget superhero blockbuster?’, and frankly the answer is clearly, yes. A great director is a great director – it doesn’t matter which genre…

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Shazam! – A Refreshingly Earnest Superhero Tale

Wholesome, genuinely funny, and beaming with heart, Shazam! is one of the most enjoyably well-balanced comic book films we’ve seen. Directed by David F. Sandberg, Shazam! feels very much like a “Sandberg film.” While no, it is not a psychological horror thriller, the key word is consistency. From beginning to end, Shazam! feels consistent in…

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