The Legacy of The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight Trilogy is well known by audiences as one of the greatest achievements in the superhero movie world. The Dark Knight trilogy came out in a time where comic book movies didn’t come out every year. These movies still stand strong next to today’s comic book films. This trilogy won the love of…

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The Brilliance of Dark DC Films: Past, Present & Future

Joker is now a juggernaut worldwide. Praised for its dark, disturbing and twisted take on the character, the film has taken a $55 million budget and flipped it into Avengers: Infinity War level profit. DC is at its best when it embraces its dark side. DC’s track record for darker storytelling has been a defining point of their…

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The Ultimate Immigrant Story: Zack Snyder’s Superman

The Social, Political and Cultural Significance of Snyder’s Superman

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