10 Best Female Comicbook Movie Moments Of The Decade

Without a doubt women heroes ruled the silver screen. From Amazon warriors, to kick ass 11 year olds, the 2010’s have been a decade of women. Here is a list of 10 moments that stick out from the crowd. 10. Wanda vs. Thanos In 2018 we saw the Avengers are their lowest point in “Infinity…

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Why Is The Internet Obsessed With Bruce Wayne’s Money?

If you browse comic book twitter for long enough you’ll begin to see that many people have a lot to say about Bruce Wayne, and his methods. Many are critical on the way he spends his enormous wealth, and the way he handles his rouges gallery. But many do not go beyond the surface of…

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Fighting The Good Fight: How DC’s Cinematic Trinity Helped Me Out of The Darkness.

Everyone has a story, and everyone has a moment in their life that changes their entire world. This moment can be a great moment full of hope, and optimism. This moment could also be full of pain, and tragedy. For me, my life was changed by the latter, around five years ago.

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