The Brilliance of Dark DC Films: Past, Present & Future

Joker is now a juggernaut worldwide. Praised for its dark, disturbing and twisted take on the character, the film has taken a $55 million budget and flipped it into Avengers: Infinity War level profit. DC is at its best when it embraces its dark side. DC’s track record for darker storytelling has been a defining point of their…

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Man of Steel & Batman v Superman: Top Five Moments

5. A Beautiful Lie – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice We have seen the Death of the Wayne family multiple times across all mediums but what Zack Snyder pulled off in the first scene of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is truly special. Let’s start with Zimmer’s amazing score. Tragedy is the one…

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The Dark Knight Rises: A Quintessential Bruce Wayne Story

The Dark Knight Rises is the most underrated film in Christopher Nolan’s incredible trilogy. Ultimately, the shadow of its predecessor, namely Heath Ledger’s legendary performance as the crown prince of crime, made it an incredibly hard act to follow. What makes The Dark Knight Rises special is the totality of Bruce Wayne’s story over the course of…

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