Fighting The Good Fight: How DC’s Cinematic Trinity Helped Me Out of The Darkness.

Everyone has a story, and everyone has a moment in their life that changes their entire world. This moment can be a great moment full of hope, and optimism. This moment could also be full of pain, and tragedy. For me, my life was changed by the latter, around five years ago.

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Reboot vs Retcon: Is Matt Reeves’ Batman Film Outside The DCEU?

ComicBook Debate Discusses The Batman. Jonah Hill in Early Talks for Villain Role. Robert Pattinson is headlining the latest take on Batman. Jeffrey Wright will play Commissioner Gordon. Reboot vs Retcon. The Farooqi Bros discuss Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN & speculate on the film’s place among the wider DC Films. For More from The Farooqi…

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