Superman Smashes The Klan – A Conversation with Author Gene Luen Yang

Joining The Farooqi Brothers Podcast on ComicBook Debate is Author Gene Luen Yang. Yang wrote Superman Smashes The Klan for DC Comics and joins us to talk about the story.  We talk with Gene about the book, how his career has evolved, and what the character of Superman stands for. We also Yang’s thoughts on his…

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Is Henry Cavill’s Return As Superman Still Possible?

ComicBook Debate Discusses Heroic Hollywood’s report that Henry Cavill is still in play to return as Superman. Does THIS Mean Henry Cavill Is Back As Superman? They also report that development on the Supergirl movie has been halted as the studio shifts priority to Superman. We discuss all the rumors here.

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The Need For Proper Muslim Representation in Hollywood – A Discussion with Saad Tasleem

Joining the podcast today is Saad Tasleem, an Islamic Scholar, educator, and public speaker. Tasleem works with the Western Muslim youth on balancing faith and culture. The portrayal of Muslims on screen in Hollywood has been less-than-stellar. Muslims are commonly portrayed as the villains of the story, often relegated to being terrorists. Today in 2020,…

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