Shazam: Polarity in the DCEU

Shazam is a blast! It was fun and had tons of heart. There are moments where Sandberg’s horror elements really shine through, but at its core this film is about family and a kid becoming a superhero and it showcased both perfectly The cast really shined in this film with Freddy taking the reigns. Freddy…

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80 Years of Batman: The Top 5 Adaptations

Throughout Batman’s illustrious 80-year history we have seen him change, evolve, adapted, and expanded in brilliant ways. Each creator, writer, and artist putting their imprint on the long legacy of The Dark Knight and his entire world, telling their stories in unique and exciting ways. Though the Detective Comics and Batman runs are considered to…

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The Dark Knight’s Legacy & The Brilliance of Ledger’s Joker

The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s superhero magnum opus. Critically acclaimed and widely renowned as one of the greatest films of this generation; the legacy of this film is everlasting. July 18th marked the 10-year anniversary since its premiere and so for the first time ever, this film was rereleased in a 70mm IMAX format for a…

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