The Coronavirus Cripples Film and Sports World

The Farooqi Bros discuss the coronavirus. We discuss ways to prevent the virus and COVID-19’s effects on the entertainment and sports world. The NBA Season has been suspended after Rudy Gobert got the coronavirus. We react to the news. E3 has been canceled. The event was going to host the WB Games Presentation. A Batman…

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D23 Expo Day One: Marvel and Star Wars on Disney+.

esterday the 2019 D23 Expo kicked off in Anaheim, California and after just one day of announcements fans of all things Disney are caught in an uproarious rejoic

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The Lion King (2019) – Falling Short of the Original

How do you match the greatest animated film of all time? 2019’s The Lion King proves it is no easy task. Despite that, strong voice performances and staying close to the source makes the final product an enjoyable experience.

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