The 10 Most Patriotic Comics Book Covers Ever

Today is the day we are reminded to “Never Forget.” It was September 11, 2001 — a day like most others. That is, until 8:45 a.m. It was a brisk Tuesday morning when an American Airlines Boeing 767 changed our life in this country forever. Tragically, that caused the building to come perilously down to…

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Captain America: The MCU’s Greatest Arc

Captain America has always had a unique legacy with Marvel. Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s character enjoyed an immense level success in the comics when he arrived in 1941’s Captain America #1. Despite being popular with hardcore fans, Captain America was never Spider-Man or the Hulk or even one of the X-Men. When the Marvel…

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The Secret Empire of Captain America- Hydra’s Greatest Sleeper Agent

The following article contains minor spoilers from Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016-2017) and Secret Empire (2017) by Nick Spencer  Hail Hydra! Those two words were the start of a phenomenon that confused and shocked many comic book readers around the world. As Captain America declared his allegiance to one of Marvel’s most notorious organizations (Hydra),…

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