Superman Smashes The Klan – A Conversation with Author Gene Luen Yang

Joining The Farooqi Brothers Podcast on ComicBook Debate is Author Gene Luen Yang. Yang wrote Superman Smashes The Klan for DC Comics and joins us to talk about the story.  We talk with Gene about the book, how his career has evolved, and what the character of Superman stands for. We also Yang’s thoughts on his…

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Superman: The Ultimate Immigrant – Why Batman v Superman Remains Relevant 4 Years Later

For the four year anniversary of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Ultimate Immigrant Story: Zack Snyder’s Superman has been reimagined as a Video Essay. Spoken by original writer & Editor-in-Chief, Sheraz Farooqi, the essay speaks on how Zack Snyder’s Superman is the most socially relevant version of the character yet.

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Superman: The Movie – A Masterpiece 40 Years Later

In 1978, a film made audiences believe a man could fly. 40 years later, in 2018, Superman: The Movie continues to make audiences believe. 

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