Explaining Spider-Man’s Exit From Marvel: Disney & Sony Fallout

If a deal can’t be reached between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, Kevin Feige will not produce any future Spider-Man films. Deadline has reported that there were two additional Spider-Man films planned, starring Tom Holland, and with director, Jon Watts set to return.

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Captain America: The MCU’s Greatest Arc

Captain America has always had a unique legacy with Marvel. Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s character enjoyed an immense level success in the comics when he arrived in 1941’s Captain America #1. Despite being popular with hardcore fans, Captain America was never Spider-Man or the Hulk or even one of the X-Men. When the Marvel…

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Man! I Feel Like a (Super) Woman

The comic book genre has proven to be a successful medium of entertainment as the stories have crossed into an increasing number of movies and television shows throughout the last decade. With its dominating prevalence in popular culture, the genre has welcomed an exciting amount of new fans. As a result, the call to implement…

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