IMMORTAL HULK and the History of Comic Horror

When at their very best, comics like The Immortal Hulk allow their readers to confront the characteristics of the world and the people around us. Whether examining moral integrity in the pages of DC Comics’ Superman or weighing the differences between consequence and responsibility in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the most memorable character moments always come when…

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The Perfect Match: Horror Directors and Comic Book Movies

There’s always a lot of talk when directors make the crossover from one genre to another. It brings up questions such as ‘Will this work?’ and ‘Can so-and-so really direct a big budget superhero blockbuster?’, and frankly the answer is clearly, yes. A great director is a great director – it doesn’t matter which genre…

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The Nun – Review

By Contributing Writer, Manh T. THE NUN is directed by Corin Hardy (THE HALLOW), and stars Taissa Farmiga (sister to Vera Farmiga, AKA Lorraine Warren in the Conjuring films), Demián Bichir and Jonas Bloquet. Set in 1952, THE NUN follows Father Burke (Demián Bichir) and Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) as they’re sent by the Vatican…

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