The Secret Empire of Captain America- Hydra’s Greatest Sleeper Agent

The following article contains minor spoilers from Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016-2017) and Secret Empire (2017) by Nick Spencer  Hail Hydra! Those two words were the start of a phenomenon that confused and shocked many comic book readers around the world. As Captain America declared his allegiance to one of Marvel’s most notorious organizations (Hydra),…

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Man! I Feel Like a (Super) Woman

The comic book genre has proven to be a successful medium of entertainment as the stories have crossed into an increasing number of movies and television shows throughout the last decade. With its dominating prevalence in popular culture, the genre has welcomed an exciting amount of new fans. As a result, the call to implement…

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Superhero Movies of 2018

By Contributing Writer, Manh T. Entering this decade, we have witnessed a rapid increase in the amount of superhero movies released per year. 2018 continues this trend as Hollywood has shown no signs of slowing down, with a whopping 11 superhero movies announced so far! With Black Panther releasing next week, here are my top…

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