Interview with Kevin Conroy: Discussing Pattinson’s BATMAN & Role in Crisis

ComicBook Debate interviews Kevin Conroy on his impact on the character, what role Kevin Conroy is playing on Crisis on Infinite Earths and what he thinks about the Robert Pattinson Batman casting Advertisements

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The Voice of Cyborg: An Interview With The Zeno Robinson

Zeno Robinson is what you call a star in the making and in the past two years he has been racking up impressive roles to add to his ever-growing resume. Recently I had the pleasure of discussing his career with him. We talked about his role as a Black voice actor and his experience in this rigorous field.

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Exclusive: An Interview with Zack Snyder

I had the opportunity to interview Zack Snyder about how women are portrayed in his filmography. Not only did I get extensive answers to my questions, I was also able to have a conversation with him about his upcoming projects, his influences, and his creativity throughout the years. The idea for this interview formed during…

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