Birthed From a Crisis – Naomi Season 1 Review

When I first heard about the debut of Naomi, I was beyond hesitant. Even after hearing that the comic book Gods, David F. Walker and Brian Michael Bendis, were both writing the comic, I was still apprehensive. My apprehension came from the fact that this was DC’s first Black female superhero to get her own…

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The Voice of Cyborg: An Interview With The Zeno Robinson

Zeno Robinson is what you call a star in the making and in the past two years he has been racking up impressive roles to add to his ever-growing resume. Recently I had the pleasure of discussing his career with him. We talked about his role as a Black voice actor and his experience in this rigorous field.

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The Impact of Milestone Comics and the Necessity of Its Revival

In early 1991 four young Black men sat down to discuss the lack of diversity in the comic community. After their initial meeting, they decided that what the comic community needed was a fresh idea that embodied diversity and inclusion and this is where Milestone comics was born.

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