The Farooqi Bros Podcast #30: Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler Talk

Featuring-Sheraz Farooqi, Zayyan Farooqi, Omer K. Farooqi, & Sameer H. Farooqi.  PODCAST-The Farooqi Bros discuss Far From Home with full spoilers. We discuss the post-credit scenes, what it means for the future of the MCU and Phase 4 Speculation. iTunes YouTube- Full Spoiler-Free Review Advertisements

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Spider-Verse & Aquaman: A Celebration of the Biracial Superhero

2018 has been a wonderful year for comic book films. Black Panther broke boundaries and shattered expectations as it brought an authentic experience to audiences around the world. Avengers: Infinity War culminated ten years of Marvel storylines in a film equivalent of a comic book event. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse brought animated films to a…

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The Chosen One Complex

Featuring; Sheraz Farooqi, Zayyan Farooqi, Omer Kamal, Sameer Hassan, Botan K., Donnia Harrington, Chandler Balli, Keely Sinclair, Aleena V., Alec Chournos, Bia Barbosa, Jeremy Wilkerson, Givonte Robertson, Devin Washington, Beyza Apaydin, Brandon Gray. Superman-The Quintessential Chosen One By-Sheraz Farooqi The story of Superman, the immigrant from the stars, is one known almost universally. To quote…

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