Watchmen #4 and The Structure of Time

It’s rather intimidating to write analytically about Watchmen. The comic series/graphic novel is one of the greatest of all-time and is perhaps the most influential book in the medium. There have been countless essays, papers, videos, and more written and published about it. So instead of talking about Watchmen as a whole and dissecting what…

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Don’t Be Batman – An Analysis of Tom King’s Batman, Issues 21-24

Note: This article will contain spoilers for issues twenty-one through twenty-four of Tom King’s Batman Welcome to the third part in a series of articles in which I’m taking a deeper look at and breaking down Tom King’s run on Batman from start to finish. King’s work on Batman is a testament to long-form storytelling…

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Review – Doomsday Clock #9

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #9.Written by Geoff JohnsArt by Gary Frank Colors by Brad AndersonLettering by Rob Leigh To say Doomsday Clock has been an excellent series would be an understatement. Outside of delays hurting the pacing of the title over the last few months, the quality of writing by Geoff Johns and the sheer brilliance in…

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