Top Ten Superhero Video Game Candidates

Marvel’s Spider-Man game broke records for PS4 exclusive launches, becoming not only the highest-selling single-player PS4 exclusive but topping the opening weekend gross of recent MCU flick Spider-Man Homecoming. After the tremendous success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, creative and financial attention turned to the future of AAA superhero games. The Batman: Arkham trilogy held up the mantle for…

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One Year Later, Wonder Woman Remains a Masterpiece

The year is 2008. The Dark Knight, the second flick in Christopher Nolan’s expertly crafted Dark Knight Trilogy, has just premiered in theaters, to resounding positive response from fans and critics alike. The picture is a stunning piece of filmmaking, not only from a technological standpoint but from the perspective of the acting, directing and…

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Luke Cage & Police Brutality- A Missed Opportunity

As of late, the superhero genre has been lauded for its attempts to represent minority groups in their pictures. DC and Warner Bros., for example, were the first to provide a leading female, blockbuster superhero with Wonder Woman, an iconic, successful film that nearly broke $1 billion worldwide. The following year, Disney/Marvel shattered records with Black Panther,…

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