The Shazam Principle

The world today seems to be more unforgiving than it ever has been before. Everything happens so fast that by the time you’ve been able to digest what has taken place, you’re left feeling like you must have missed something. If you feel like this right now, chances are you are not alone. I certainly…

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Marvel & DC: Two Pantheons, One Passion

Superheroes are a monster driving force in today’s society, in both a business and social perspective. In a world where there’s never a shortage of entertainment involving everyone’s favorite heroes, it’s hard to not agree that there’s never been a better time to be an enthusiast of all things comic books. I spend a considerable…

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The Batman: A Manifestation Of Life

Superheroes are fantastical, almost ethereal characters that continue to fascinate society and redefine the limits for creative literature. Virtually every one of these fictional figures have one or more metahuman traits. These often include super strength, super speed, enhanced senses, flight, healing factors, and other various superpowers. To be classified as a superhero, one or…

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