“Earth After Mutation” Is A Sci-Fi War Epic

Story: Josh Barbeau and Sam Rayburn  Editing: Josh Sellers  Art: Alan Gallo  Color: Paul Little  Logo: Lucas Gattoni  Letters: Ed Dukeshire  Publisher: Hollow Harbor  200 years ago, humanity split into four factions: The Skrytes, Underaneans, Cyborgs, and the Humans. Each fighting for power and survival, faction leaders must make life altering choices that will change everything. Earth After Mutation is…

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Perfect Blue: The Power of Perception

Film theorist Vivian Sobchack hypothesized the idea of cinema being a “sensuous object” that is dependent on the relationship between the viewer and the film. Film is an artistic, visual medium that often challenges the viewer’s attention, memory, emotions, and perception. How we view films is filtered by our own perceptions and the intended perceptions of the…

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Columbus: Modern Love for Modern Art

The small Indiana city may look like any other small town, but the crux that sets it apart from other small towns, is its impeccable modern architecture. In a film where the structural background is every much a character as the actors playing their own, Kogonada’s debut film, Columbus (2017) is every modernist’s dream of a film.  Columbus is a well-paced, hypnotic feel of a film. Pulling in…

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