Joker Premiere Vlog|Joker Spoiler Discussion

The Farooqi Bros attend the premiere of JOKER in New York and give their thoughts on the film.

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A Haunting Masterpiece – Joker Elevates Comic Book Films To New Heights

Headlined by Joaquin Phoenix’s spellbinding performance, Joker is uncomfortable, visceral and raw; setting a new standard of quality for all comic book-based films Directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime, Joker is a hauntingly chilling tale grounded in the type of reality that makes your skin crawl. The film presents itself as…

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Joker – Do Films Inspire Violence?|Distracting From Gun Control|WB’s Statement

YouTube- iTunes ComicBook Debate discusses the media circus around Todd Phillips JOKER. Do Films inspire violence? Why Blaming Films and Games For Gun Violence does not make sense. Distracting From Gun Control | WB’s Statement on Joker. Todd Philipps Joker Interview. Joaquin Phoenix Joker interview

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